Our story

We're just here to bring all things career in one place

It's all about the Brighter Mondays!

You spend up to one-third of your life at work. That's about 90,000 hours over a lifetime. You deserve to enjoy these hours. Our aim is to help you achieve it.

Our goal is to make the recruitment process as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on what really matters - enjoying your life and career. And while we may have started as just a job board, nPloy is quickly becoming the go-to place for all things career-related, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out.


We know that honesty is the best policy - not just in business, but in life too. We empower fairness & transparency at every step of the recruitment process for everyone involved and we're all about keeping things real. No BS, no sugarcoating.


At our core, we're all about breaking down barriers and disrupting outdated practices. We refuse to settle for mediocricy and we're here to simplify even the most complex challenges in recruitment and career growth.

Have fun

Because in the end, no job matters if it doesn't bring happiness. That's why having fun lies in the heart of nPloy - we are creating a workplace culture that fosters creativity, positivity, and joy.

The story


Our founders Konstantin and Tsvetoslav аre fresh grads, open to the world of career opportunities ahead of them. Upon facing the reality of  job boards that were stuck in the past and HR agencies pushing irrelevant offerings, they just knew recruitment could be made easier with technology.  And this is when the idea for nPloy was born.


The first version of nPloy is launched - a job-matching app designed for the young people. The built-in matching algorithm connects candidates with the right job offers, based on their criteria. The user-friendly interface makes the application process at least 3 times faster. And this is just the beginning...


Bună, România! Job-matching is now easier in one more country.


New update! nPloy is an app for all professionals no matter if they're jobhunting or not. Now you can join clubs of like-minded people, start discussions on all work-related topics, get insights and take part in events lead by top professionals.

🤑 At the end of the year our team raised its first investment round led by the local VC firm “Morningside Hill” setting the goal of expanding the platform to Central and East European countries.      

To be continued...


We are here to make life easier for everyone, at least the professional part of it. How? Finding the perfect job is an easy job with nPloy. And that’s not all. Our goal is to make recruitment easier by adopting technology at the most time-consuming part of the recruitment process. Our algorithm matches candidates with employers based on their requirements and provides a place for people to learn and grow. nPloy is on its way to becoming the go-to career place for everyone.

Our team

We're okay.
Konstantin Tzonev
Co-Founder & Operations
CEO of doing everything all at once.
Tsvetoslav Zahariev
The Saviour.
Teodor Todorov
Chief Technical Officer
Keeping everything from falling apart.
Iliana Minkova
PPC & Digital Media
The money spender.
Boris Kolev
Business Advisor & Partner
"Hey guys, I have an idea!"
Maria Petrova
Head of Business Development & Sales
Manager of looking busy.
Graciela Marinova
Business Development & Sales
Information queen.
Emma Maslarska
Business Development & Sales
The do-it-all.
Radu Pompilian
Senior Business & Sales
The guy that makes sh*t happen.
Anita Gaydova
Creative Lead & Graphic Design
Nia Batanova
Creative Artist
"Of course I can do it."
Mariah Atanasova
Social Media Expert
Creative wizard.
Iveta Stoyanova
Content Manager
The walking dictionary.
Teodora Stoyanova
Project & Event Manager
The zoo keeper.
Every step of the journey is documented.
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