nPloy is the best alternative way to find a career opportunity.

Browse jobs, chat & video call with nPloyers, let top companies apply to you.
And we keep your data private.

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How it works


Create your profile

Upload your CV or manually fill your info in and your shiny professional profile is ready to go.


You only see filtered jobs according to your profile and personal requirements (even working hours and salary!). See everything important, even photos of the office. Then just swipe right if interested or left to pass. A notification means there’s a match with an employer. So let the chat begin.



Get the right job!

Continue to actively communicate – chat with employers, have your video interviews directly in the app and get hired! Face-to-face meetings are optional. You can do it all in nPloy.

Get the most of nPloy

All in one place

Set your expectations, browse personalised jobs, chat & video call with employers and get interview reminders. All processes in your career journey happen in one place - in nPloy.

Protecting your privacy

Your personal data (e.g. name, present job position, contact info) is completely anonymous until there is a match (mutual interest between you and the employer). No SPAM and no risk that your current employer will find out that you’ve been seeing other employers.

Let companies apply to you

Already have a job, but just know that there is something better out there? nPloy got you covered - just set your expectations, such as salary and working hours. And get attractive offers from top employers looking for you based on your anonymous profile (no personal info). When you receive that perfect match request, just swipe it to the right and hop in a chat with the employer & video meet.

Mobile and smart

We know you’re always on the go, and that’s why we’ve made nPloy a mobile-first platform. Keep up with what’s up wherever you are - new matches, messages, direct job offers or profile views from top employers.

What our users like about nPloy

Customer Testimonails

The registration and the CV upload were lightning fast! Literally the first job I saw matched my expectations. After I liked (applied to) the job I was immediately in contact with my future employer via chat, an interview was scheduled for the same week.

Elena PPC expert
Customer Testimonails

nPloy makes the whole job searching process more interactive, informal and fast… The mobile app is a prerequisite for a more effective and time-efficient job hunting and is very useful for candidates as well as for companies.

Аlexander Insight Analyst
Customer Testimonails

I was impressed by the speed and convenience with which I was able to browse many various job openings and see parameters which are not disclosed in other job platforms.

Anita Business Intelligence Analyst
Customer Testimonails

Minutes after registering in the app, I managed to find positions I’m interested in. Shortly after, I had my first online meeting with employers.

Yanitsa Marketing Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Using nPloy is fun and effortless. First, you need to upload your CV and set your expectations in the Filter menu. Then, you’ll see a list of instantly matched jobs that suit your skills and interests. Swipe right to show interest and left if you are not into it.

How can I edit my profile?

In the app tap the “More” button in the navigation menu (top left). Then, click “Edit Profile” right under your name.

I would like to see other types of jobs, how?

If you are not seeing the type of ads you’re interested in, try updating your filters. Tap on the “Filters” button in the navigation menu (top right) and there you can change the business field, location and general conditions of the ads you see.

How do I chat with employers

In order to chat with an employer, you have to get a match with them first. Initiate a conversation with any matched employer by clicking on “Messages” in the navigation menu.

How do I change my notification settings?

In the app, tap the “More” button in the navigation menu (top left). Then click Settings -> Notifications. There you can change both your phone system notifications and your e-mail notifications.

I want to ask something else!

That’s great! Get in touch with us by email , on our Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram or here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Match your way to the top of your career

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