In today's fast-paced labor market, we are all on the hunt for the perfect candidate
- employers, hiring managers, and recruiters.

In today's fast-paced labor market, we are all on the hunt for the perfect candidate - employers, hiring managers, and recruiters. For this reason, we use all channels of communication - job postings, seeking recommendations and the good old method of "word of mouth". The challenge is that the candidate who fits in the company perfectly must not only have hard, but also soft skills and simply carry the right vibe that will fit both the team and the culture of the company.

All these issues are the reason for this guide that will help you find out if a certain candidate is the perfect fit for your placement.

1. Use the “unique company culture” benefit
first, let’s clear out something: a strong company culture is not a cool office, amazing team building & parties. This is considered only by the inexperienced candidates and the ones that don’t consider career growth as their priority.

A good company culture brings a high value for the employees through assorted acts of engagement, growth opportunities, respect, and most importantly - a shared vision for the future.

So, if we go the extra mile to say why it is so good to work in a particular company with a unique culture, the perfect fit candidates will start approaching it themselves, because they can identify the perfect place for them.

Think of the culture as a big brand, let’s take “Apple” for an example. Only by mentioning this brand, it becomes clear that they have a consistent culture that can give you a lot. If you describe the company's culture in that way, everyone will want to work there and it will be easy for you to select the right talents.

2. Consider the personal social brand
It has happened to almost anyone involved in HR to find the perfect candidate on paper, but then this person gets rejected after a meeting with the employer, because of their behavior and the way they appear in the eyes of others. i.e. because of their brand.

To avoid this and save your time, it is best to review the personal positioning of the person on social networks from the very beginning of your communication. And yes, this includes all kinds of social networks - not only Facebook, but also Instagram, Twitter and right now Tik Tok is even more popular than the rest. So, check all of them. You never know what you can find. Have a look through the information there - not just the profile picture and the nickname, also see the comments, the places the person visits, the interests they have and the content they publish. In this way, you can get the most realistic idea of ​​the person's personality in combination with other psychological techniques and tests that you generally use for interviews.

Of course, we must not forget that when reviewing profiles as HRs we must distance ourselves from our personal preferences. Let's just look out for what is good social media branding and what would potentially harm the image of the future company.

3. SEO
In the perfect case, we will not look for candidates, they will look for us. But for this, we must try not only to present the job positions attractively, but also to make them easier to find in the search engines. In this way, we can facilitate our work and only select the most suitable candidates.

Let's pay special attention to the words we select for our job ads. For page titles : use effective terms for SEO purposes. For example, instead of “mentor”, choose “consultant” - it's way more recognizable for Google / Yahoo.

For optimal SEO performance of the job ad choose carefully the meta description: when you search for something into a search engine, you see the page title bolded in the results. Under the page title, where all the words are beneath is the meta description. These are about 200 words of SEO-term-packed, attention-grabbing words.

Bonus tip: Try the demo version of nPloy to see how easy it is to find millennials on the platform. 95% of the nPloy partner companies observe and share the same opinion - higher efficiency at a much lower cost.

Last but not least, we will be interested to know what strategy you use to find candidates.

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Good luck with your placements!

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