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See what one of the first successful talents shares about finding the perfect job in the app

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nPloy already has a number of successful hires of candidates. See what one of the first successful talents shares about finding the perfect job in the app:

Q: What about the app made the strongest impression?
A: I was most impressed with how easy and fast it makes it to meet with potential future employers. Also, one is able to see job specifics that are not shown in other job boards, it helps you take more informative decisions.

Q: How long did it take you to find the perfect for you job in nPloy?
A: About two weeks.

Q: How did the communication with the company go after the 'match'?
A: The whole process was very smooth thanks to the recruitment agency that matched me for the job opening.

Q: Would you recommend nPloy and why?
A: The future of technology lies in the speed of its development. nPloy responds to it very well - it is efficient and fast, which makes it the perfect solution for finding a job and finding talent on the employers’ side.

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