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At nPloy, we understand the dynamics of working relationships. This is why we know that often, as employees we are in a situation where we are not actively looking for a job. There are many reasons for this – we like our current job, have built trust with our employer and have achieved a competitive salary. This is great, but as professionals, we know that there may be something better for us out there. A more promising company with more career opportunities or a better social package. On one hand, we are in our comfort zone of peace and security, and on the other, we would follow a challenging proposal that meets our demand and gives us even more.

Passive job searching is possible with nPloy. With the app you can count on complete anonymity. The employers only have access to the job seekers’ personal data (name, email address, phone number, picture) when there is a match. This allows you to view proposals from employers without having to worry about how much of your information they’ll see.

With nPloy, it’s good enough to create a profile and define your criteria, and if one of the employers in the platform likes what you offer as experience and skills, they can take the first step toward you.

So, next time you go out for a lunch break or just grab your afternoon coffee, you can open nPloy and see what’s new – whether the next super challenge just happened to be right there for you.

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