Benefits of being an ex-pat in Sofia

It’s not a secret that more and more companies move their business to Eastern Europe and Bulgaria is definitely a top choice.

St. A. Nevski

It’s not a secret that more and more companies move their business to Eastern Europe and Bulgaria is definitely a top choice. With its low taxes, hard-working people and beautiful nature, it turns into one of the most preferred location among big world-known companies, such as IBM, HP, BIC and many others.

All this makes Sofia, the capital, very attractive for talents as well. In the last several years, Sofia has turned into the ‘hottest nearshore outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe’ according to ProcessFlows UK.

Being a preferred location for many international businesses, Sofia attracts talents from all over the globe just as much. Being a capital, Sofia has plenty of entertainment venues as well as art, social, alternative places where you can meet & network with many people that share your mind-set. Not only that, the city is becoming more and more culturally-rich and diverse, which makes an ex-pat’s life easier. With its almost 2M citizens, Sofia is busy and bustling in a kind of cosy way. It is colourful. It is artistic. It has everything you need – the nearest mountain is Vitosha, it’s roughly 20 minutes away from the centre by car and you can even see it when walking on the main streets in the heart of the city. Moreover, the seaside is just about 4 hours away by car.

The most developed job sectors in Sofia are IT and BPO (Outsourcing). Some of the most desirable professions are within those two plus Fintech, Marketing, Business development. From a professional point of view, there are lots of opportunities for internships as well as for experienced professionals. There’s plenty of ways to find a job, but probably the best way is nPloy

1. It’s on your phone (it’s a free app)

2. It’s easy to use

3. It’s full of language job openings in different sectors

nPloy is designed and developed by ex-pats, so we know what you need and how to bring it to you.

And one last thing before you go… you should know that Bulgarians live the simple way: they concentrate on celebrating life rather than stressing out over work. Once they are happy and content, their career will follow suit. People in Bulgaria are quite laid back and friendly, but of course, ambitious too with a focus on education and career development. So, you have something to learn.

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