You can chat with employers!?

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Just take a moment and think about how much time it would take you to put a good CV together, researching in different websites that offer jobs, write long motivational letters that don’t motivate you at all and apply over and over again… In most cases you sit in front of the computer and waaait until you find something relevant. And then you apply. And wait again. Someone reaches out to you in a while, so you go to your first interview. With nPloy all this long process happens with just few clicks – anywhere, anytime. On your phone.

Imagine that – you hand out in the park and open nPloy while you wait for a friend to come by, you like a job and the employer 👍 your profile back, there’s an instant match and a chat starts. If you’ve applied to many jobs, you can’t get confused with nPloy while chatting with employers, because you are able to check the role you’re chatting about with a single click. We did it, just to make your life easier.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, they say. So, check how it works:

Download. Register. Create a profile with a single CV upload. Get your dream job. It is that easy.

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